ASME B16.36:2020 pdf free download

ASME B16.36:2020 pdf free download

ASME B16.36:2020 pdf free download.Orifice Flanges.
Changing the distance from the face of the flange to the tap centerline may also be accompbhed by changing the raised face height If flat gaskets are being used and the raised face Iscompletely removed, the user is cautioned to limit the outside diameter of the gasket or orifice plate to the outside diameter of raised face. R, in order to ensure proper gasket compression.
9.1 GeneraL
Each orifice flange shall be provided with two pressure tap holes extending radially from the outside diameter of the flange to the inside diameter of the flange. Corner taps may be used on NPS 1h/ and smaller if space permits. See Figure 9.1-1.
For ring joint flanges listed In Tables 5-2 through 5-5, and MandatoryAppendix I. where radial taps will interfere with the ring groove, angular meter taps, as illustrated in Figure 9.1-2, will be required.
9.2 Location
9.2.1 Measurement. The distance between the centerline of the tap and the face of the flange shall be measured at the bore. Dimensions different than those shown in the tables may be supplied by agreement between the purchaser and manufacturer.
9.2.2 Identification. When methods other than those described in this Standard are used for ring loint flanges requiring changes to the pressure tap location due to interference with the ring groove, such changes shall he identified as agreed by purchaser and manufacturer.
9.3 Pipe Connection
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, orifice flanges shall be supplied with NPS threaded connections.
9.3.1 NPS .4 Taps. Pressure tap connections may be internally threaded in accordance with ASME 131.20.1 or socket welding in accordance with ASME 1316.11. Each threaded pressure tap connection shall be equipped with a pipe plug meeting the requirements of para. 4.4. Each socket pressure tap connection shall be fitted with a plastic socket weld plug.
9.3.2 NippLes. NPS /2 or NPS /4 nipples may be provided at the pressure tap connections when specified by the purchaser. Unless otherwise agreed by the purchaser and the manufacturer, nipples shall
(a) extend 75 mm (3 in.) beyond the outside diameter of the flange
(b) have plain ends
(c) be Schedule 160 wall thickness in accordance with ASME 1336.1OM.