ASME B107.60:2004 pdf free download

ASME B107.60:2004 pdf free download

ASME B107.60:2004 pdf free download.Pry Bars.
point end: porton of bar having a tapered, round. crosssectionai azea that is intended for aligning apphca lions prying edge edge formed by the tapering of the chmet end or claw end.
prying .nd: portion of bar having a chisel end or a claw end.
safety message; information impnntt?d on or affixed to the bar that is intended to pronote safety.
shall and should: mandatory requirements of this Standard are characterized by the word “shall “If a provston is of an advisory nature, it is indicated by the word “should” or is stated as a recommendation.
Pry bars shall pass the tests specified in para. 6 as applicable.
5.1 DesIgn
5.1.1 Type I: Close Qumrlei. Pry bars shall have a sharply bent chisel end providing leverage in limited space applications and a pointed end lot alignment applications.
5.1.2 Type II: Die 5ctter. Pry bars shall ha’e a bent half ioop chisel end for ceparating or prying applicahons and a straight chisel end for scraping or prying.
5.1.3 Type ill: Handled. 1kv bars shall have a slightly bent chisel end for separating, scraping, or prying applications and a handle gnp.
51.4 Type IV: Pinch. I’ry bars shalt have a slightly bent chisel end for separating. scraping. or prying app IicatIon and a pointed end for alignment apphcations.
5.15 Type V: Rolling Head. Pry bars shall have a formed rounded chisel end that acts as a ftilcrum to provide leverage and a pointed end for alignment applications.
5.3 Mechanical Properties
Pry bars shall have a maxirnun hardness oi 50 HRCor equivalent.
5.4Surface Conditions
Pry bars shall be free of norfunctional sharp edges,points, and surface rougtuness that could inflict personalinjury to the user or adversely affect performance.
shall beempoyea temperature.betweend ior cach test.
Failure to rmeet the requirements of the applicable tests indicates that the pry bars do not comply with this Standard.
6.1 Hardness
Hardness determination shall be made in accordancewith ASTM E18.
6.2 Prying Tests
6.2.1 Prying End Test.The load shall be applied ncarthe middle of the handle or grip area of the pry bar (secFig.6).Apply a slow, steady load to the pry bar fo meetthe torque’specified in Table 1.If the blade or tp faiktakes a permanent set, or if the handle loosens frorn thepry bar, the pry bar has failed this test.