ASME 14414:2015 pdf free download

ASME 14414:2015 pdf free download

ASME 14414:2015 pdf free download.Pump system energy assessment.
5.3 Understanding system functional requirements
The assessment team shall determine what are the normal operating conditions as well as operation under extreme and abnormal conditions, knowing the limits within which the system is designed to operate and how the operating conditions are distributed overtime.
If accurate records are not available and the facility personnel may be unable to supply the needed information, the assessment team shall monitor the system over some period of time in order to establish the demands on the system.
5.4 Determining system boundaries and system energy demand
The assessment team shall determine the system boundaries and system energy demand of each pumping system undergoing a level 2 or 3 assessment
A pumping system assessment shall consider the overall efficiency of the existing system.
NOTE If the subsystems are part 01 a larger facility system, the system boundary is complex and the boundary
Is determined prior to any measurements and calculations
5.5 Information needed to assess the efficiency of a pumping system
5.5.1 General
After the decision is taken on which pumping systems require further investigation, the following information from 5Z to 5,S shall be gathered.
The assessment team shall determine the data collection needs for each system being evaluated.
The assessment team shall maintain quality assurance in the design and execution of a measurement plan as a consistent, repeatable, and reproducible process.
The measurement plan shall adhere to principles of safety. transparency, and reliability.
The measurement plan shall include the measurements required to develop an annual energy consumption baseline for the pumping system. This is typically done by taking instantaneous flow, pressure and electrical measurements and determining operating hours at varying system conditions.
Cross-checking should be done to ensure the data are correct.
5.5.2 Electrical motor/drive information
Initial motor/drive information to be collected from the nameplate (if available) or manufacturer’s data sheets shall include:
a) line frequency;
b) motor size (rated power);
c) motor rated speed;
d) motor rated voltage;
e) motor full load amps (FLA) . the current to the motor when operating at rated power.