API 599:2002 pdf download

API 599:2002 pdf download

API 599:2002 pdf download.Metal Plug Valves- -Flanged, Threaded and Welding Ends.
2.2.2 Face4o-ftice dimensions 11w raised-face and ring-joint flanged-end valves and end-to–end dimensions for bun-welding-end valves shall contlwm to ASME B 16.10 or Table 3 as applicable.
2.2.3 End flanges of steel valves shall be integrally cast or forged with the body; however, flanges may be attachcd by full-penetration butt welding if this method is specilied in the purchase order. End flanges attached by welding shall be cast or forged butt-welding ends. M.lds shall conform to ASME 831.3. as shall qualilications for the welding procedure and the welder or welding operator. The finished weld thickness shall not be less than the minimum body-wall thickness (see 2.2.1). No velding or brazing shall be permitted on ductile iron.
2.2.4 The dimensions and finish of steel end flanges shall be as specified in ASME B 16.5 for the type of facing specilied in the purchase order. Flat-face flanges not covered by a lining material shall be finished as spccilicd in ASME B 16.5 for raised-face flanges.
2.2.5 The dimensions and finish of ductile iron-end flanges shall be as specified in ASME B 1642 for the type of facing specified in the purchase order.
2.2.6 Socket-welding end preparation shall conform to ASME B 16.11. The bottom of the socket shall be square and flat with the thickness in accordance with Table 4 of ASME B 16.34.
2.2.7 Steel butt-welding ends shall conform to ASME B 16.25 for the bore specified, for use without backing rings.
2.2.8 Threaded end valves shall be threaded as specified in ASME Bl.20.1. All internal threads shall be countersunk a distance of approximately one half the pitch of the thread at an angle of approximately 45 degrees with the axis of the thread.
2.2.9 When specified, drain and hpass connections shall conform to ASME 816.34 and MSS SP-45, as applicable.
Covers shall have bearing surfaces for bolting that are parallel to the cover face within I degree. When spot-facing or back-facing of flanges is required, it shall be in accordance with the requirements of ASME Bl6.5 for end flanges.
2.4.1 The stem shall be designed so that. if Etilure o1 the stem to plug or that part of the stem within the pressure boundary occurs, no portion of the stem can be ejected from the valve as a result of internal pressure. The design shall not rely on actuation components (e.g.. gear operators, actuators. levers, etc.) to prevent eiection.