ASME QFO-1:1998 pdf free download

ASME QFO-1:1998 pdf free download

1.4 Definitions
boiler: a closed vessel in which water is heated, steam is generated. steam is superheated. or any combination thereof by direct application of heat. The term boiler shall include tired Units for heating or vaporizing liquids other than water where these systems are complete within themselves.
coal: solid hydrocarbons resulting from the decomposition of vegetable material under the influence of time, temperature, pressure, and micro-organisms, as defined by ASTM D 388.
Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS): the total equipment, required under the applicable emission monibring sections of Title 40 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, used to sample and condition (if applicable), to analyze and to provide a permanent record of emission. or process parameter. This includes Continuous [mission Monitoring Systems, Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems. or Alternative Monitoring Systems approved per the requirements of 40 CFR Parts 60 and 75.
criteria: the standard EPA has established for certain pollutants, which limits both the concentration and the number of violations per year.
cyclone coal burner: a scroll, vortex, or radial burner tiring crushed coal into a cyclone furnace consisting of a horizontal waler cooled cylinder attached to the side of the boiler furnace.
furnace: a water-cooled horizontal cylinder into which fuel is fed and mixed with air; combustion is completed in a minimum of time with high temperatures 2450° F to 2550°F 345°C to I 400C) generated in the burner. Combustion is virtually completed in the cyclone. Cyclone burners are adaptable for burning bark. oil. gas. and coal or a combination of these fuels.
facility: see Fossil Fuel Fired Plant.
fluidized bed: a process in which a bed of granular particles is maintained in mobile suspension by an upward fow of air or gas.
Fossil Combustion Operator (FCO): the person certified under this Standard. See Section 2.0.
fossil fuel: natural gas, petroleum, coal, or solid, liquid or gaseous fuel derived from such materials.
fossil fuel fired plant: any facility containing one or more fossil fuel fired boilers with input rates per fired boiler equal to or greater than I0E + 06 Btu/hr (10,550 E + 06 J/hr).
fuel oil: any hydrocarbon oil defined by ASTM D 396. general industry: an enterprise(s) or organization(s) that produce(s) or supplies goods or services.
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG): a heat exchanger that uses a series of heat transfer sections (e.g., superheater, evaporator, and economizer) positioned in the exhaust gas flow.