ASME EA-4:2010 pdf free download

ASME EA-4:2010 pdf free download

ASME EA-4:2010 pdf free download.Energy Assessment for Compressed Air Systems.
capacitance: in compressed air systems, capability of a storage volume, primary receiver, dedicated use point receiver, or other device for storing compressed air energy. Capacitance is expressed as the ratio of stored air volume (sd) to the storage pressure differential (psi).
clwracterLctic signature: dynamic profile of airflow rate and pressure changes with time that occurs during particular production operations and compressed air demand events.
corn pressed air system: a functional group of subsystems comprised of integrated sets of components, including air compressors, treatment equipment, controls, piping. pneumatic tools, pneumatically powered machiner and process applications utilizing compressed air.
control signal pressure: air pressure that is applied to the pressure switch, transducer, pilot valve, or other control device that creates an input signal to a compressor capacity control system.
coverage interval: the interval (plus/minus percentage or minimum to maximum value) that, based on the information available, contains the true value of a parameter. The expression of coverage interval is associated with a specified confidence level.
data logging: measurement of physical parameters while tabulating a periodic log (record) of their numerical value using time-aligned data frames for the plurality of recorded parameters.
dynamics: data logging while creating a sufficiently high frequency periodic log (record) so as to investigate the time-based variation of measured physical parameters.
trending: data logging during an extended duration of time for the purpose of investigating commonality in the measured physical parameters throughout time.
direct measurenwut: a method to determine the value of a measured parameter that is done with an instrument designed for such a task.
drawdown: the circumstance observed in a compressed air system that is characterized by continual pressure decay arising from a compressed air system event whereby air demand exceeds the total generation capacity of supply.
drauJozvn pressure: the total amount of pressure decay in compressed air system pressure (psi) that occurs during a particular drawdown event.
drawdown rate: the rate of pressure decay per unit of time (e.g., psi/mm) that occurs during drawdown of a compressed air system.