ASME B31Q:2016 pdf free download

ASME B31Q:2016 pdf free download

ASME B31Q:2016 pdf free download.Pipeline Personnel Qualification.
7.4 Training Documentation
7.4.1 Documenting Training Needs. When a need is identified for training to qualify an individual to perform a covered task, the requirement for the individual to complete training shall be documented.
7.4.2 Documenting Training. When training is required to support an individual’s qualification, training information, such as an outline of the training course objectives as well as a record of the individual’s successful completion of the training, shall be maintained.
This section establishes the minimum requirements to ensure individuals are evaluated for the KSAs required to perform covered task(s). The evaluation instrument(s) and process shall be established in accordance with this Standard to maximize the validity and reliability of the evaluation, Alternative solutions may be used as long as they meet the intent of this Standard and are properly iustefied and documented.
The term maluahon can be used to refer to the process, instrument(s), or both. The process may entail one or more evaluation methods or one or more distinct evaluation instruments. For example, one evaluation instrument may Contain a checklist for observing an individual perform a task and questions to answer. This one instrument is composed of both performance and oral interview evaluation methods.
8.1 Evaluation Process
8.1.1 ResponsibIlities. The evaluation process shall be documented in writing and as a minimum establish responsibilities for
(a) establishing and maintaining the evaluation process and evaluations
(b) selecting evaluators or proctors Evaluator Selection. Evaluators shall be used when a judgment must be made about an individual’s performance, such as during a performance evaluation or oral interview Isee paras. &32(b) and $3.3(b)I. Evaluators shall be selected based on technical knowledge and capability to ascertain an individual’s KSAs to perform the task and recognize and react to AOCs.
Paragraph 5.3.1 describes considerations for the selection of SMEs that may be applied to the selection of evaluators for technical knowledge. The evaluator’s ability to administer the evaluation in accordance with the requirements of the evaluation should be considered. Additionally, an evaluator should be able to make it possible tar the individual to accurately demonstrate his or her KSAs during the evaluation.