ASME B30.13:2003 pdf free download

ASME B30.13:2003 pdf free download

(b) The cab shall be clear of all fixed structures within its area of possible movement.
13-1.4.2 Cab Construction
(a) The cab interior construction should protect the operator from knobs, edges, or corners in the event of sudden crane accelerations or decelerations.
(b) The cab should be constructed and installed to minimize swaying or vibration.
(c) In the absence of an outside platform, the door, if provided, shall open inward or slide and be self-closing. It shall be equipped with positive latching devices to prevent inadvertent opening.
(d) imergencv exit means to the floor shall be provided for all positions of a carriage mounted cab.
(e) While the machine is in motion, all parts of the operator’s body shall be kept within the design clearances by the construction of the cab, by hands-on. feet- in-place operating type controls, or by mechanical restraints interlocked with motion controls.
All cab glazing shall be safety glazing material as defined in ANSI Z26.l.
(g) The crane operator shall be protected from falling objects at the normal work station. The protection required shall he based upon the materials being stored and their height. Protection such as an overhead guard or cab location is acceptable. The operator protection shall be designed by a qualified person.
(h) Means shall be provided to limit horizontal displacement of a pallet or container on a carriage toward the operator.
(I) Materials which will propagate combustion or rekindle shall not be used in the construction of the cab.
13-1.4.3 Fire Extinguisher
A portable fire extinguisher, with a basic minimum extinguisher rating of 10 BC, shall be installed in the cab.
13-1.4.4 Lighting
Cab lighting, either natural or artificial, shall provide a level of illumination that enables the operator to observe the operating controls.
Lubricating points should be accessible from walkways, floor(s), or platforms without the necessity of removing guards or other parts.
13-1.6.1 LocatIon of Platforms
Service platforms, fixed or removable, should be provided as required for access to controls and other maintenance items.
13-1.6.3 Fixed Ladders
Fixed ladders, if provided, shall meet the followingrequirements:
ia) the minimum design live load shall be a singleconcentrated load of 250 lb (113 kg), concentrated atsuch a point which will cause maximum stress in thestructural member being considered.
(b) rungs shall have a minimum diameter of 3/ in. (19mm), a maximum distance between rungs of 12 in.(305mm), and a minimum clear width of 16 in.(406 mm).
(c) a minimum climbing space of 15 in.(381 mm) eachway from the centerline of the ladder and 30 in.(762mm) on the climbing side of the ladder shall be providedexcept when inside cages or hatchways are used.
(d) the distance from the centerline of the rungs tothe nearest permanent object in back of the ladder shallbe not less than 7 in. (178 mm).
(e) on ladders over 20 ft (6 m) in height, cages shallbe provided from a point not more than 8 ft (2.4 m)above the floor, to a point not less than 3 ft 6 in. (1.1 m)above the landing platform unless safety devices as perpara.13-1.6.3
(f) are provided.Such cages shall be at least27 in. (685 mm) clear inside diameter.