ASME B107.100:2020 pdf free download

ASME B107.100:2020 pdf free download

ASME B107.100:2020 pdf free download.Flat Wrenches.
(b) Modified Single or Double Hexagon Box Configuration. This design consists of a geometric single hexagon (6- point) or double hexagon (12-point) configuration that does not contact on the fasteners corners.
(c) Open-End Configuration. This design consists of a simple geometric configuration having an across-flats shape suitable for use on hexagonal and square- headed bolts and nuts. The tips of all open ends shall have no burrs.
(d) Flare nut configuration.
(e) Standard single or double square configuration. consisting of a single geometric square (4-point) or a double square (8-point) configuration having an across-flats and an across-corner shape for fitting with square fasteners.
(f) Adjustable open-end configuration.
Wrenches that have a box end design shall be chamfered on at least one side to provide a lead for the working surfaces. Wrench opening configurations in (a). (b). (d), and (e) shall be countersunk with an included angle of 90 deg to 150 deg and a minimum diameter equal to the across-corner dimension of the opening.
5.6 MateriaLs
The materials used in the manufacturing of wrenches shall be such as to produce wrenches conforming to this Standard.
5.7 Markings
Wrenches shall be marked in a legible and permanent manner with the manufacturer’s name or with a trademark of such known character that the manufacturer may be readily determined. Each wrench shall be marked on one of the faces or on the handle, as close to each nonadjustable head as is practical, In a legible and permanent manner, with the nominal wrench opening. Marking shall be as permanent as the normal life expectancy of the wrench to which It Is applied (provided the marked surface has not been subjected to a fretting or abrading action) and he capable of withstanding the cleaning procedures normally experienced during its intended use. The marked area of the wrench may be exempt from the corrosion test in para. 6.3.4 when mutually agreed upon by the manufacturer and customer.
5.8 Hardness
Hardness shall be tested per para. 6.1.
Category 6, 9, 39, 40, and 66 (frame and wrenching surface) wrenches shall be heat treated to 38 HRC to 55 HRC. The pawl of Category 66 wrenches (when present) shall have a hardness of 35 HRC to 55 HRC.
The frame (fixed jaw and handle) and movable jaw of Category 8 wrenches shall be heat treated to 40 HRC to 50 H RC.
Category 21 wrenches shall he heat treated to 38 HRC to 54 HRC.
5.9 Finish
5.9.1 Surface Finish. All surfaces shall be free from cracks and essentially free from burrs, pits, nodules. and other detrimental conditions. Flash shall be completely removed from the periphery of the heads ofall box ends. from the circumference of all open ends, and from that portion of the handle that shall be essentially straight and uniform in sectional dimensions, as shown in Figure 5.9.1-1. Any remaining flash on any surface shall blend smoothly with adjacent surfaces.