ASME A17.4:2015 pdf free download

ASME A17.4:2015 pdf free download

ASME A17.4:2015 pdf free download.Guide for Emergency Personnel.
(4) The passengers should then be assisted from the stalled elevator car, one at a time, by rescue personnel located both in the car and on the landing. A sturdy stepladder or footstool should be used for safe removal. Precautions should be taken to guard any hoistway opening below the elevator car floor (platform) when the car is above the landing (see Fig. 1.3.4(e)). A ladder, backboard, basket stretcher, or solid piece of furniture can be used for this purpose.
(bi Opening Doors From Adjacent Elevator Car. When a hoistway door-unlocking device (elevator door interlock release key) is not provided, or the doors cannot be opened from within the elevator car by the passengers, and an adjacent car is operable, the following procedures should be utilized:
(1) Take an adjacent elevator car to the floor closest to the stalled car and open its doors.
(2) Set the mainline disconnect switches for both the stalled elevator and the rescue elevator in the OFF’ position. Lockout/tagout the mainline disconnect switches. Also, place the emergency stop switch of the rescue elevator car, if the car is so equipped, in the STOP” or ‘OFF position. If the car is equipped with a key-operated, in-car stop switch, use the key, if available, to turn the switch to