ASME A112.6.3:2001 pdf free download

ASME A112.6.3:2001 pdf free download

ASME A112.6.3:2001 pdf free download.FLOOR AND TRENCH DRAINS.
2.1 Drain Bodies
2.1.1 Materials. Drain bodies shall be of cast iron. copper alloy. ABS. PVC. PE. PP. or other approsed materials meeting the requirements of this Standard. Materials shall comply with the standaids cited in pant.
1.4. No obstruction shall he permitted in the caulking area of a body.
2.1.2 Weep Holes. Weep holes in bodies shall be a minimum of three in number and shall be a minimum of 0,125 in. t3.2 mm) in diameter.
2.1.3 Smooth Mating Surfaces. The body and clamping ring shall have smooth. lcvel surfaces to provide a watertight loini with the menibrane.
2.2 Shower Drains
2.2.1 Strainers. Shower drain strainers shall be stainless steel 3(N) series alloy with a minimum thickness of 0.050 in. (1.3 mm). The strainer shall be of the snap-on type or screw fastened. The minimum waterway area of strainers shall be equal to the area of a 2 in. pipe [3.1416 i? (2027 mm2 )1.
22.2 Crown/Collar. A 24 gauge corrosion-resistant crown andlor collar of /4 in. brass ring shall tic required between the strainer and cast iron bodies.
2.3 Bolts and Fasteners
Bolts and fasteners for cast iron or copper alloy drains shall be a minimum of in. NC. Bolts and fasteners for plastic drains shall be a minimum of /.a in. NC. A minimum of three bolts per drain shall be provided. Screw and bolts provided lor shower drains shall be 300 series stainless steel or copper alloy complying with ASTM B 5)1.4 (Alloy C X52(i0 or C 85400) or ASThI B 16.
3.1 Outlet Types
3.1.1 Bottom Outlet. Threaded, inside caulk. spigot. hublcss. or solvent-welded with centerline of outlet vertical. (See Fig. 6.)
3.1.2 Side Outlet. Threaded, huh (outside caulk). spigot. hubless. or solvent-welded with centerline of outlet horizontal. (Sec Fig. 7.)
5.1.4 Extra Heavy Duty. Grates having safe liveload (as calculated in para.5.2.5) between 7.500 lb(3 375 kg) and 10,000 ib (4 500 kg)
5.1 .5 Special Duty. Grates having safe live loadas calculated in para. 5.2.5) over 10.0O0 lb (4 500 kg)shall be considered special duty.
5.2 Test Procedure for Grate Loading
Safe live load requirements,as listed in para. 5.1shall be determined as follows:
5.2.1 Load Classifications. Load classificationsas stated in para. 5.1 shall be determined by labora-tory tests.
5.2.2 Platen Size. A 3.5 in. (89 mm) diameterplaten shall be applied to the center of the gratespecimen.
5.2.3 Loading. Loading shall be applied slowly sothat point of failure can be observed.
5.2.4 Point of Failure
(a) Britrle Materials (Casr Iron ).The point of failureof brittle materials shall be the load (in pounds orkilograms) at which the first fracture on any part ofthe specimen appcars.
byDucrile Material. The point of failure of ductilematerials shall be the load at which the permanent sctat the point of loading) is greater than2% of thelongest transverse dimcnsion of the specimen.
5.2.5 Safe Live Load. The maximum safe liveload shall be computed by dividing the load at failureby two.
The items covered in this Standard shall be ofthe material specified and shall meet all applicablerequirements and standards given herein. The castingsfor these drains shall be sound, free of blow holes,cold shuts,and other imperfections, and shall be ofuniform wall thickness and true to pattern.They shallalso be clean and free of fins. It shall not be the intentof this Standard to limit acceptable materials to those included in this section.