AS/NZS 3113:2005 pdf – Approval and test specification-Ceiling roses

AS/NZS 3113:2005 pdf – Approval and test specification-Ceiling roses

AS/NZS 3113:2005 pdf – Approval and test specification-Ceiling roses.
5.4 Insulating barriers
Live parts shall be separated from each other. from earthing terminals, and from earthed metal if any. by insulating harriers that form an integral part of the ceiling rose, or of the term ms.
5.5 Cord anchorage
Ceiling roses shall be provided with an arrangement hich will effectively reduce the stress
on the flexible cord terminals, and which will pass the test of Clause 8.5.
6.1 Cover
Any ceiling rose intended for surface mounting shall be provided with a suitable cover for enclosing the terminal facilities. The cover shall be of a size and shape which will ensure adequate clearances when assembled on the body.
The interior surf’aces of the cover shall be free from any projections likely to damage or stress the flexible cord when the cover is attached or while being attached.
Where a cover can he detached only by means of a tool, the securing means shall not utilize the fixing holes of the base and shall be arranged so that such means are adequately insulated from any internal terminal or conductor.
6.2 Flexible cord entr’
The opening through which the flexible cord enters shall be formed or bushed so as to minimize abrasion of the protective covering or insulation and shall have a diameter of not less than 9.5 mm nor more than 12.5 mm.
7.1 Required marking
The ceiling rose shall he marked with the tollowing iniOrniation in accordance with the relevant marking requirements of AS/NZS 3100:
(a) The name, or registered trade name, or mark of the manufacturer.
(b) The voltage.
(c) The current rating, in amperes.
(d) It’ not the only type of ceiling rose marketed by the manufacturers, the ceiling rose shall also be marked with a catalogue number, type number or name, or other marking which will distinguish it from any other ceiling rose marketed by that manufacturer.
7.2 Location of the marking
The marking required by Clause 7.1 shall be located as follows:
(a) Item (a)—on any suitable portion of the body or cover.
(b) Items (b) and (c)—any suitable position so that it is visible when the ceiling rose is mounted in position and with the cover renioved such marking shall not be placed on the cover.
8.2 Insulation resistance test
Prior to the test, the ceiling rose shall be mounted on a metal plate by means of metal fixingscrews,corresponding in respect of their diameter,size, and type of head to the screwswhich would normally be used for fixing the ceiling rose. The metal plate shall extend atleast 6 mm beyond each edge of the mounting face of the ceiling rose.
The insulation resistance shall then be measured at a voltage of 500 v d.c. as follows:
(a) Between live parts and any external metal, including the mounting plate, the live parts
of the ceiling rose being connected together.
(b)Between live parts of the ceiling rose.
(c)Between live parts of the ceiling rose and the carthing terminal.
(d) Between live parts of the ceiling rose and a flexible electrode applied to non-conducting parts normally accessible in service.