AS 2879.9:2002 pdf – Alumina Part 9: Determination of flow time

AS 2879.9:2002 pdf – Alumina Part 9: Determination of flow time

AS 2879.9:2002 pdf – Alumina Part 9: Determination of flow time.
5.4 Top-loading balance
Capable of weighing 100 g to the nearest 0.1 g.
5.5 Sieve
With apertures within the range 300-bOo pni to remove abnormal oversize material.
The analytical sample shall be equilibrated to the laboratory atmosphere for a minimum of 2 h in a layer of 5 mm maximum thickness. The sample shall then he split as per AS 4538.2 into three portions of approximately 105—120 g for testing. The sample shall then be screened through a sieve (5.5) and the oversize material discarded.
7.1 General
This procedure is for manually timed determinations.
7.2 Number of determinations
Three determinations shall he carried out.
7.3 1)etermlnation
Each determination shall be carried out as follows:
(a) Set up the apparatus in a vibration-free environment.
(b) Ensure that the funnel is secure on a stand and that the upper surface is precisely level.
(c) For apparatus not in frequent use. pre-condition the funnel by passing several portions of alumina through it. Discard this material prior to testing.
(d) Accurately weigh 100 ±0.1 g of the prepared sample into a suitable container. (See Clause 6.)
(e) Pour the sample uniformly into the funnel while manually obstructing the outlet.
(f) Start the flow by removing the outlet obstruction and immediately comnience timing. Stop the timing as soon as all the sample has passed through the funnel. NEVER
(g) Remove the funnel from the stand and wipe the funnel clean with a dry cloth. Replace it in a sealed container to prevent damage to the outlet orifice and minimize atmospheric oxidation of the inner surface.
The test report shall include the following information:
(a)Identification of the sample.
(b)Reference to this Australian Standard,i.e.AS 2879.9.
(c)Average flow time for the sample.
(d)The date on which the test was carried out.
(e)Any factors during the course of the test which may have had an effect on the results.