AS 1755:2000 pdf – Conveyors—Safety requirements

AS 1755:2000 pdf – Conveyors—Safety requirements

AS 1755:2000 pdf – Conveyors—Safety requirements.
The additional requirements below are relevant to the specific location in which the conveyor is to be installed or used and shall be included in the design.
4.2.1 Materials inflow
The entrance to a tunnel, gallery or pit shall be designed to prevent any inflow of water or other materials.
4.2.2 Drainage facilities
Drainage facilities shall be provided in a tunnel, gallery or pit.
4.2.3 Depth indication
Where a risk exists of an accessible area in a tunnel, gallery or pit becoming flooded, an appropriately located device providing visual indication as to the depth of any water or other material in the area shall be provided.
4.2.4 Location of controls
Manual controls for any pumping systems shall he located outside any area which may become hooded.
4.2.5 Ventilation
Tunnels, galleries and pits shall be adequately ventilated. Where ventilation is provided by mechanical means, systems shall be incorporated in the design to manage any risk arising from the failure of the ventilation.
4.2.6 Alternative egress
Where there is a risk of the normal access to a tunnel, gallery or pit becoming blocked, an alternative means of egress shall be provided.
4.2.7 Openings to pits or sumps
Where there is a risk of falling into a temporary or permanent opening of a pit or sump, the opening shall be guarded in accordance with AS 1657. Where it is not practical to have fixed barriers or guardrails fitted to a temporary opening, then temporary barriers or guardrails shall be provided.
4.2.8 Accumulated material
Pits shall have adequate space for the accumulation of spilled material and means for the ready removal of such accumulation.
4.2.9 Additional requirements General
A risk assessment shall be conducted which includes but is not limited to the provisions contained in Clause 4.6 for the areas given in Clauses to Tunnels, galleries or pits
All tunnels, galleries or pits which are enclosed to a major degree on all sides and which are greater than 60 in in length:
Where a working area in or about a conveyor installation is considered as a confined space as defined in AS 2865. the provisions of that Standard shall be applied to the installation.
Where the area in which a conveyor is to he installed or used is classified as a hazardous area in accordance with AS 2430 (all Paris). the electrical equipment used in the haiardous area shall he selected, installed and maintained in accordance with AS/NZS 2381. I.
4.5.1 Emergency stop
In addition to the requirements of Clause 2.7.7 a pull wire system shall be installed in accordance with Clause 2.7.9 on every bell conveyor.
4.5.2 Restart
Resetting alone of any protection or stop control may restart the conveyor without the need for separate actuation of a start control, provided that a prestart warning in accordance with Clause 2.7.5 has been given.