AS 3743:2003 pdf – Potting mixes

AS 3743:2003 pdf – Potting mixes

AS 3743:2003 pdf – Potting mixes.
Potting mix shall not Contain materials such as glass, or any sharp objects that could injure the hands of a user. It may, however, be composed of any other materials, provided that the requirements of Table 2.1. as appropriate. are met. The mix should also be free of plant pathogens. other pests, harmful chemical substances and any parts of plants generally considered to he weeds.
Potting mixes shall comply with the applicable physical and chemical requirements for the type and grade of mix, as given in Table 2. I at the specified time of testing.
Wheti the test method requires that testing be undertaken at a certain time after the manufacture of the potting mix, then storage conditions shall be at a temperature of 15- 25°C and in the shade.
2.4.1 Volume
Potting mix shall he packaged in multiples of a litre. hut otherwise there is no specific requirement on the volume or size of pack contents. When measured in accordance with Appendix A. the actual volume of the packaged mix shall not be less than the volume stated on the bag.
NOTE: As well as the requirements in this Clause, attention is drawn to any relevant federal and state legislation related to size, packing volume, weight or labelling.
2.4.2 Protection
Potting mix should he packaged so that. under normal conditions of handling, storage and transport. the contents are protected from contamination by extraneous matter and the contents are not released unintentionally.
NOTE: Packaging should contain small perforations to allow for pressure equalization and ease of handling.
NOTE: As well as the requirements in this Clause, attention is drawn to any relevant federal and state laws which may require additional marking or documentation.
2.5.1 Required marking
The primary package of each potting mix shall be permanently and legibly marked with the following:
(a) Name, or registered trade mark. and full address of the manufacturer. packer or distributor.
(b) Volume of contents, in litres (to the nearest litre) printed in letters a minimum of 4.8 mm high. Packages shall not be marked with codes such as ‘No. 1 pack’, or similar, as a substitute for stating the actual number of litres of contents in the package.
2.5.2 Optional marking
The primary package ma’ also carry statements about the major ingredients included in the mix, watering instructions, advice about the need for wetting agents. a cautioii about settling of the mix during transport, and oilier information related to the groing of plants in the mix.
Where claims are made regarding additives to or performance of the product. such claims must be capable of being verified. Verification ill be audited as part of the certification process.
NOTE: Manufacturers making a statement of compliance with this Australian Standard on a product, packaging, or promotional material related to that product are advised to ensure that such compliance is capable of being verified.