UL 489F:2016 free download

UL 489F:2016 free download

UL 489F:2016 free download Outline of Investigation for Molded-Case Circuit Breakers and Molded-Case Switches for Use with Battery Power Supplies
1 Scope
1.1 These requirements cover molded-case circuit breakers and molded-case switches rated greater than250 v dc but no greater than 1500 V dc and intended for use with battery power supplies (BPS)whichmay be wired with multiple poles in series, such as may be used in uninterruptible power supplies or forenergy storage in renewable energy systems. These devices are intended for use in accordance with theNational Electrical Code (NEC),ANSI/NFPA 70.
1.2 A circuit breaker intended for use with battery power supplies shall comply with the applicablerequirements in the Standard for Molded-Case Circuit Breakers,Molded-Case Switches andCircuit-Breaker Enclosures, UL 489, hereafter referred to as UL 489, except as modified or supplementedby this Outline.
1.3 These requirements do not cover circuit breakers rated 250 V dc or less.2General
2.1 Components
2.1.1 Except as indicated in 2.1.2, a component of a product covered by this Outline shall comply withthe requirements for that component.
2.1.2 A component is not required to comply with a specific requirement that:
a) lnvolves a feature or characteristic not required in the application of the component in theproduct covered by this Outline; or
b) ls superseded by a requirement in this Outline.
2.1.3 A component shall be used in accordance with its rating established for the intended conditions ofuse.
2.1.4 Specific components are incomplete in construction features or restricted in performancecapabilities. Such components are intended for use only under limited conditions,such as certaintemperatures not exceeding specified limits, and shall be used only under those specific conditions.
2.2 Units of measurement
2.2.1 Values stated without parentheses are the requirement. Values in parentheses are explanatory orapproximate information.
2.3 Undated references
2.3.1 Any undated reference to a code or standard appearing in the requirements of this Outline shall beinterpreted as referring to the latest edition of that code or standard.
2.4 Glossary
2.4.1 For the purpose of this Outline, the following definitions apply.
2.4.2 BPS CIRCUIT BREAKER – a molded-case circuit breaker intended for use in BPS systems rated greaterthan 250 V dc, but not greater than 1500 V dc.
2.4.3 BPS sWITCH – a molded-case switch intended for use in BPS systems rated greater than 250 V dc,but not greater than 1500 v dc.
3 General
3.1 The sample selection and performance test sequences shall be conducted as specified in UL 489,Section 7.1.
4 Calibration Test
4.1 The sPs ciRcuT BREAKER shall be subjected to all of the applicable calibration and recalibration tests,including the adjustable instantaneous response calibration test specified in UL 489,Section