UL 2930:2018 free download

UL 2930:2018 free download

UL 2930:2018 free download Outline of lnvestigation for Cord-and-Plug-Connected Health Care Facility Outlet Assemblies
1 Scope
1.1 These requirements cover indoor-use cord-and-plug-connected Health Care Facility receptacle outletassemblies (HicOA) rated 250 v AC or less and 20 Amperes or less.HCOA are for use as a movablepower supply connection for cord-and-plug-connected medical electrical utilization equipment inaccordance with the National Electric Code, NFPA 70,Article 517 Health Care Facilities, and with NFPA99,Health Care Facilities Code,for use in Category 2(General Patient Care)Spaces or Category 1(Critical Patient Care)Spaces,including Patient Care Vicinities equipped with Patient EquipmentGrounding Points.
1.2 HCOAs are intended to supply cord-and-plug-connected medical equipment complying withapplicable requirements of the:
a) Standard for Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1 : General Requirements, UL 60601-1;b) Medical electrical equipment – Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essentialperformance,IEC 6o601-1; and
c) Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 1-2: General Requirements for basic safety and
essential performance -Collateral standard: Electromagnetic disturbances -Requirements andtests,ANSI/AAMI 60601-1-2.
1.3 These requirements cover HCOA consisting of an ANSI/NEMA WD 6-configuration Hospital Gradeattachment plug and a length of non-detachablie flexible cord terminated in an enclosure in which aremounted ANSI/NEMA WD 6-configuration Hospital Grade individual receptacle outlets (duplex or single)which are connected conductively to an integral patient equipment grounding terminal or jack provided foruser connection of a discrete patient equipment grounding conductor to Patient Equipment GroundingPoints,installed in the Patient Care Vicinities of a Health Care Facility.
1.4 An HCOA is not intended for Home Health Care Use.
1.5 These requirements do not cover cord-connected,Relocatable Power Taps (RPT) intended only forindoor use as a temporary extension of a grounding alternating-current branch circuit for general use,covered by the Standard for Relocatable Power Taps, UL 1363.RPT are not suitable for use in Category2(General Patient Care) Spaces or Category 1 (Critical Patient Care)Spaces or Patient Care Vicinities.
1.6 These requirements do not cover cord-connected,Special Purpose Relocatable Power Taps(SPRPT); covered by the Outline of Investigation for Special Purpose Relocatable PowerTaps, UL 1363A.SPRPT are power distribution components intended to supply power to plug-connected components of amovable equipment assemblies that are rack, table, or pedestal-mounted.SPRPT are intended for use ascomponents of complete equipment submitted for investigation rather than for direct separate installationin the field. The SPRPT shall be an integral part of the equipment assembly and permanently attached tothe equipment assembly only by those qualified to assemble medical electrical equipment systemscompliant with Medical electrical equipment – Part 1:General requirements for basic safety and essentialperformance, IEC 60601-1.SPRPT are not suitable for use in Patient Care Vicinities.
1.7 These requirements do not cover cord-connected,Furniture Power Distribution Units(FPDU),intended for indoor use that provide power for and are intended to be installed in furnishings. FPDU arecovered by the Standard for Furniture Power Distribution Units, UL 962A.
2 General
2.1 Use
2.1.1 A HCOA is intended to be connected temporarily to a permanently-installed branch circuit HospitalGrade receptacle outlet and,where the health care facility’s governing body has determined that use ofPatient Equipment Grounding Points are essential in Patient Care Vicinities, to patient equipmentgrounding points permanently installed in the patient care spaces of a Health Care Facility.