UL 2755:2018 free download

UL 2755:2018 free download

UL 2755:2018 free download Outline of Investigation for Modular Data Centers
1 Scope
1.1 This Outline of Investigation covers Modular Data Centers (MDC). The Modular Data Centers coveredby these requirements are pre-fabricated units consisting of an outer enclosure housing ITE and varioussupport equipment such as electrical service and distribution equipment, HVAC systems and the like.Some configurations may have the support equipment housed in a separate enclosure. A typicalconstruction may use a standard lS0 shipping container or other structure as the outer enclosure, racksor cabinets of ITE, NEC compliant service entrance equipment and power distribution components, powerstorage such as a UPS and an air or liquid cooling system.
1.2 These factory-built modules incorporate pre-installed materials and equipment which,afterinstallation, may be concealed and may not be accessible for inspection at the final installation site.
1.3 The modular data centers covered by these requirements are intended for fixed installation eitherindoors or outdoors based on their construction and resistance to environmental conditions.MDCsintended for outdoor use shall be identified with a NEMA environmental class rating.
1.4 These requirements are intended to demonstrate compliance with the National Electrical Code(NEC),NFPA 70 and other national Codes such as Building, Fire,Plumbing,Mechanical,and the like. Wherestate or local codes differ from the national codes anticipated by these requirements,determiningcompliance with these codes is the responsibility of the local authority having jurisdiction.
1.5 When these requirements do not cover a specific technology or construction feature, the applicablerequirements of the National Codes shall be used.
1.6 This Outline of lnvestigation assumes that the final installation of the MDC will be performed byqualified service personnel in accordance with the applicable installation instructions, installation practicesand national installation codes.These MDCs are intended for installation subject to approval by theAuthority Having Jurisdiction.
2 Equipment,Sub-Assemblies and Components
2.1 Except as indicated in 2.2, equipment, subassemblies and components used as a part of an MDccovered by this Outline of lnvestigation shall comply with the requirements for that equipment,subassembly or component. See Appendix A for a list of standards covering equipment, subassembliesand components.
2.2 Equipment, subassemblies and components are not required to comply with a specific requirementthat:
a) Involves a feature or characteristic not required in the application of the component in theproduct covered by this Outline of Investigation; or
b) ls superseded by a requirement in this Outline of lnvestigation.
2.3 Equipment, subassemblies and components shall be used in accordance with their ratings and anyinstallation requirements established for the intended conditions of use.
2.4 Equipment, subassemblies and components that are incomplete in construction features or restrictedin performance capabilities shall be used only under the specific conditions for which they have beenevaluated.
3 Units of Measurement
3.1 Where a value for measurement is followed by a value in other units in parentheses, the first statedvalue is the requirement.
4 Undated References
4.1 Any undated reference to a code or standard appearing in the requirements of this Outline ofInvestigation shall be interpreted as referring to the latest edition of that code or standard.
5 Glossary
5.1 For the purposes of this Outline of lnvestigation the following definitions apply.
5.2 APPLIANCE- A piece of utilization equipment that incorporates both controls and loads.
5.3 BRANCH CIRCUIT -The conductors and components following the last overcurrent protectivedevice protecting a load.