UL 1598C:2017 free download

UL 1598C:2017 free download

UL 1598C:2017 free download Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits
2 Components
2.1 Except as indicated in this clause, a component of a product covered by this standard shall complywith the requirements for that component. See the Standards for Components appendix for a list ofstandards covering components generally used in the products covered by this standard.
2.2 A component is not required to comply with a specific requirement that:
a) Involves a feature or characteristic not required in the application of the component in theproduct covered by this standard, or
b) ls superseded by a requirement in this standard.
2.3 A component shall be used in accordance with its rating established for the intended conditions ofuse.
3 Units of Measurement
3.1 Values stated without parentheses are the requirement. Values in parentheses are explanatory orapproximate information.
4 Undated References
4.1 Any undated reference to a code or standard appearing in the requirements of this standard shall beinterpreted as referring to the latest edition of that code or standard.
5 Glossary
5.1 For the purposes of this standard, the following definitions apply.
5.2 RETROFIT LUMINAIRE CONVERSION – The act of modifying, with additional parts, a luminairethat was already manufactured and in service in order to convert the luminaire to an LED light source,from an incandescent, fluorescent, induction, or high intensity discharge light source. For purposes ofthis standard, direct replacement of an incandescent, fluorescent,induction, or high intensity dischargelamp to LED lamp, without any electrical or mechanical changes, is not considered to be a luminaireconversion.
5.3 RETROFIT KIT – In the context of these requirements, a kit includes all component parts needed,including instructions, for retrofit luminaire conversion.
6 General
6.1 After installation of the retrofit kit, a luminaire shall comply with the requirements in Mechanical Construction, Section 5, of the Standard for Luminaires, UL 1598. Exception: Retrofitkits forstage andstudio luminaires shallcomplywith requirements in SupplementSB.
6.2 After installation of a retrofit kit, all components of the retrofit kit and all components of the luminaire that were affected by the installation of the retrofit kit shall be secured in place so that lamp replacement, inspection of splices to the branch-circuit supply wires, and routine maintenance will not loosen components or joints in the assembly.
7 Polymeric Materials
7.1 A polymeric material serving to complete the enclosure required in Enclosures, Section 5.3, of the Standard for Luminaires, UL 1598, or providing structural support for any electrical component or for any non-electrical component weighing more than 3 ounces (85 g) shall comply with the requirements in Polymeric Materials, Section 5.7, of UL 1598.
Exception: Retrofitkits forstage andstudio luminaires shallcomplywith requirements in SupplementSB.