IEC 60728-1-2:2009 pdf free download

IEC 60728-1-2:2009 pdf free download

IEC 60728-1-2:2009 pdf free download Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services – Part 1-2: Performance requirements for signals delivered at the system outlet in operation
1 Scope
This part of lEC 60728 provides the minimum performance requirements to be fulfilled inoperation at the system outlet or terminal input and describes the summation criteria for theimpairments present in the received signals and those produced by the CATVIMATVISMATVcable network, including individual receiving systems.
NOTE 1 When a change of signal format is made at the headend, the summation of the impairments does notapply (see also Clause 7).
ln a building divided into apartment blocks,the signals received by the antennas aredistributed by the MATVISMATV cable network up to the home network interface (HNl); thetelevision signals are then distributed (inside the home) by home networks (HN) of varioustypes up to the system outlet or terminal input. The cable network can support two wayoperation, from the system outlet (or terminal input) towards the headend.
The home network can use coaxial cables, balanced pair cables, fibre optic cables (glass orplastic) and also wireless links inside a room (or a small number of adjacent rooms) to replacewired cords.
This part of lEC 60728 is applicable to cable networks intended for television signals,soundsignals and interactive services operating between about 5 MHz and 3 000 MHiz. Thefrequency range is extended to 6 000 MHz for home distribution techniques that replace wiredcords with a wireless two way communication inside a room (or a small number of adjacentrooms) that uses the 5 GHz to 6 GHz frequency band.
Figure 1 shows the main sections of a general CATV/MATVISMATV system,indicating theparts of the lEC 60728-1 series documents where the relevant performance requirements areindicated.
The requirements for the signals received at the headend are given in Clause 6 ofIEC 60728-1.
The requirements for the CATV/MATV/SMATV cable network,assuming an unimpairedinput signal at the input of the headend,up to the system outlet are given in IEC 60728-1,Clause 5.
The requirements for the CATV/MATVISMATV cable network up to the home networkinterface(HNl) are given in lEC 60728-1,Clause 7, assuming an’unimpaired input signalat the input of the headend.
The specific requirements from HNl to the system outlet or terminal input are given inIEC 60728-1-1,Clause 5, assuming an unimpaired input signal at the HNI.
The requirements at the system outlet in operation are given in Clause 7 of this standard.
The expression “in operation” means that the received signals,with their impairments, areapplied to the headend input of the CATVIMATVISMATV cable network.The requirements atthe system outlet “in operation” are derived,therefore, by summing the impairments of thevarious cascaded parts of the system and of the input signal.