BS EN 1279-6:2018 pdf download

BS EN 1279-6:2018 pdf download

BS EN 1279-6:2018 pdf download.Glass in building – Insulating glass units
4 Factory production control requirements
4.1 General
The factory production control system shall consist of procedures, regular inspections and tests and/or assessments and the use of the results to control incoming materials or components (raw and other),equipment, the production process and the product.
NOTE A factory production control system conforming to EN ISO 9001 [1] and made specific to the requirements of this annex is deemed to satisfy the requirements of this annex.
4.2 Organization
4.2.1 Responsibility and authority
The responsibility, authority and the interrelation of all personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting quality shall be defined, particularly for personnel who need the organizational freedom and authority to:
a) initiate action to prevent the occurrence of product non-conformity;
b) identify and record any product quality problems.
4.2.2 Management representative for factory production control
The manufacturer shall appoint a management representative who, irrespective of other responsibilities, shall have defined authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of this document are implemented and maintained.
4.2.3 Management review
The production control system shall be reviewed by the manufacturer’s management at appropriate intervals in accordance with the manufacturer’s control system to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness. Records of such reviews shall be maintained for a minimum period of 10 years.
4.3 Factory production control system
4.3.1 General
The manufacturer shall establish and maintain a documented system as a means of ensuring that the product conforms to EN 1279. The following requirements shall be fulfilld.
4.3.2 Personnel
The manufacturer shall use appropriately trained personnel for the operation and inspections of all production and inspection equipment.
4.3.3 Documentation
The manufacturer’s documentation and procedures shall be relevant to the production and process control of the IGU, and shall be adequately described in the manual which shall include:
a) The organizational structure, responsibilities and authorities of the management with regard to product conformity.
b) The procedures for specifying and verifying the incoming materials.
c) The manufacturing, production control and other techniques, processes and systematic actions that will be used.
d) The inspections that will be carried out before production, the inspections and tests during and after production, and the frequency at which they will be carried out.
e) Required records of the inspections, test and assessments.
f) Non-conformity situations requiring corrective action and the action taken.