BS 9518:2021 pdf download

BS 9518:2021 pdf download

BS 9518:2021 pdf download.Processing of alarm signals by an alarm receiving centre — Code of practice
1 Scope
This British Standard gives recommendations for the processing of signals by an alarm receiving centre [ARC) from alarm systems, such as but not limited to fire detection and fire alarm systems, fixed firefighting systems, intrusion and holdup alarm systems, video surveillance systems, social alarms systems, lone worker, and combinations of such systems.
NOTE BS EN 50518:2019 provides guidance on planning, construction, systems, management processes,leadership, governance, management and staffing of an alarm receiving centre. BS 5979 and BS 8591 also provide guidance.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes provisions of this document.1) For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
BS 7858, Screening of individuals working in a secure environment – Code of practice
BS EN 50131-1, Alarm systems – Intrusion and hold-up systems – Part 1: System requirements
BS EN 50134-7:2017 Alarm systems – Social alarm systems – Part 7: Application guidelines
BS EN 50518:2019, Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre
BS EN 62676-4:2015, Video surveillance systems for use in security applications – Part 4: Application guidelines
4 General
4.1 Primary function
The primary function of an ARC should be the handling of alarm and/or VSS signals, together with other signals relating to the change of status of the alarm and/or VSS systems, such as setting, unsetting or fault signals, and any related or subsidiary operations, such as keyholding or controlling a response service.
4.2 Working environment
The ARC should maintain an environment in its operations area that is free from unnecessary distractions such that: a) the amount of ambient noise transmitted to the user is limited; and b} the operator can listen to and quickly verify an incident, even through unclear received audio. NOTE The working environment in the ARC is particularly important when handling lone worker or social alarms or other audio communication systems.
4.3 Operational resources processes
4.3.1 Staff selection and screening All ARC staff should be selected and screened in accordance with the types of risk arising from the information to be handled by the ARC and the nature of staff contact with customers, clients, users and their data. . For ARCs processing signals from security applications (as defined in BS EN 50518:2019), all staff should be screened in accordance with the screening process described in BS 7858. For ARCs processing signals from non security applications (as defined in BS EN 50518:2019), potential staff risks extend beyond those contained within the screening framework in BS 7858 and the ARC management should have and operate a suitable screening framework and process, based on identified risks for each post.