BS 9251:2021 pdf download

BS 9251:2021 pdf download

BS 9251:2021 pdf download.Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies — Code of practice
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4 Preliminary work and consultation
4.1 Initial considerations
Before undertaking the design of a residential sprinkler system for a specific property, the following factors, as a minimum, should be evaluated, obtaining specialist advice where necessary:
a] the type of occupancy of the property (see 4.3);
b] the water supply requirements and availability; and
c] any additional system enhancements required (see 4.2.3).
NOTE 1 See also 4.2.2.
NOTE 2 In some buildings or parts of buildings, a higher level of protection might be required than that provided in this British Standard (see also 4.2.3 and 5.5).
NOTE 3 In buildings where there is a mix of residential, non-residential and commercial use (e.g. where flats are above shops, car parks, bin stores, offices and retail units), it is generally appropriate to protect the residential parts using this British Standard and the non-residential parts using BS EN 12845. See also 5.5 and 5.6.
4.2 Consultation
Some premises might have multiple authorities having jurisdiction who might be concerned with life safety, property protection, business continuity, heritage preservation and environmental protection.Some authorities having jurisdiction might impose additional requirements beyond those of this British Standard.