BS 9122:2018 pdf download

BS 9122:2018 pdf download

BS 9122:2018 pdf download.Qualification and approval of UAS operatives – UAS Pilot Level 1
1 Scope
This British Standard specifies requirements for UAS pilot training programmes and the competencies that a candidate is expected to meet in order to achieve a UAS pilot certification.This standard specifies two stages of pilot training:
a) theory knowledge (see Clause 6); and
b) practical skills (see Clause Z).
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this British Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 national aviation authority
government statutory authority in each country that oversees the approval and regulation of civil aviation
NOTE In the United Kingdom, the national aviation authority is the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
3.2 observer
remote crew member who, by visual observation of the unmanned aircraft, assists the remote pilot in the safe conduct of the flight
3.3 pilot in command (PIC]
pilot designated as being in command and charged with the safe conduct of a flight
5 Fitness to act as pilot in command
In order to operate the UAS in a safe manner, the candidate shall not have any health issues that are likely to impede their control of the aircraft. In particular, the candidate shall:
a] be able to clearly see the aircraft at all times and be able to judge its orientation at any distance at which it is likely to be operated;
b] be able to identify any other air users or obstructions that might pose a collision risk for the UAS;
c] be able to read and interpret the telemetry and other data displayed on the UAS controller display unit;
d] be able to hear sufficiently to be aware of the approach of other aircraft or to be warned verbally of a safety concern; and
e] not have any known condition that could cause sudden loss of consciousness or concentration.
In the event that a candidate has a condition or disability that prevents them from meeting one or more of these requirements, it might be possible to achieve a safe working protocol by using an observer, back-up PIC or other additional crew member, in which case a risk assessment shall be carried out to ensure that such a protocol is effective.
6.2 UAS guidance or implementing rules issued in the jurisdiction of operation
The candidate shall be able to demonstrate understanding of:
a) guidance and or implementing rules and their relationship with regulation;
b) details of mass categories;
c) details of categories of operation; and
d) restrictions applicable in different operating environments or standardized risk-based scenarios.