BS 8486-9:2018 pdf download

BS 8486-9:2018 pdf download

BS 8486-9:2018 pdf download.Examination and test of new lifts before putting into service – Specification for means of determining compliance with BS EN 81
4 Examination and test of lifts and components
The examinations and tests in this part of BS 8486 are intended to be applied prior to placing a lift into service for first use. Attention is drawn to the implications of testing when the lift is in beneficial use by builders or on any temporary supplies. Within BS EN 81-73:2016 there are certain requirements relating to the building into which the lift is installed. Since these requirements relate to elements of the building and building design, rather than the lift, it is not generally expected that they will be examined or tested. It is assumed that these items have been verified by the building owner/designer. However, it might be necessary to confirm that the items have been addressed by the persons responsible before the lift can be placed into service.
Examples of such items are:
• the selection of designated landings(s);
• the fire protection of the lift and in particular the lobbies at designated landing(s);
• the decision whether the lift parks at the designated landing with doors open or closed.
NOTE Attention is drawn to the National Foreword of BS EN 81‑73:2016.
In drafting this part of BS 8486, it has been assumed that the same assumptions listed in BS EN 81-73 apply and that items related to the building design have been verified by the building owner/designer as part of negotiation.
Where lifts are provided with recall operation, when the examination and tests specified in BS EN 81-73:2016 are carried out, the results shall be recorded using the questionnaires given in Table 1 to Table 3 of this part of BS 8486. Once all these have been answered satisfactorily, the result shall be recorded in BS 8486-3:2017, Table 1. All questions on the questionnaires shall be answered. Where a negative result (non-conformity) is recorded, it shall be clearly identifiable from a result confirming conformity. Answer boxes in the questionnaires that contain a shaded square indicate that the test shall be carried out on site. Those sections that are not required to be carried out on site may be completed at any time during the design, manufacture, installation or test of the lift. After the completion of the questionnaires in Table 1 to Table 3, then Table 4 shall be signed and dated. NOTE It is essential to ensure that all of the safety requirements of BS EN 81‑73 are met and the associated risks addressed. This part of BS 8486 does not contain its own risk assessment but utilizes the risk assessment in BS EN 81‑73.