BS 5864:2019 pdf download

BS 5864:2019 pdf download

BS 5864:2019 pdf download.Installation and maintenance of gas- fired ducted air heaters of rated heat input not exceeding 70 kW net (2nd and 3rd family gases) – Specification
1 Scope
This British Standard specifies requirements for the selection, installation and maintenance (see Note 1) of flued, gas-fired, ducted-air heaters of rated heat input not exceeding 70 kW, based on net calorific value, burning 2nd or 3rd family gases to heat one or more rooms or internal spaces in either domestic premises (see Note 2) or commercial premises. It is applicable to warm air heaters that incorporate a fan to circulate the warm air. It is also applicable to combined air heater/ circulator installations and to the servicing and maintenance of heaters that distribute warm air by natural convection (see Annex A]. It is not applicable to gas installations in towed or motorized leisure accommodation vehicles. NOTE 1 For the purposes of this British Standard, installation includes design, inspection and commissioning. It is recognized that each of these tasks can be performed by the same person. NOTE2 As well as normally constructed dwellings, domestic premises include any permanently sited leisure accommodation vehicles, residential park homes and permanently moored boats. NOTE 3 For the purposes of this British Standard, heat input is expressed in terms of the net calorific values (CV), unless otherwise stated. The ratio of gross CV (Hs) to net CV (Hi) heat input is approximately 1.11:1 for natural gas, 1.09:1 for propane, and 1.08:1 for butane. NOTE4 It is essential that persons carrying out the installation of any gas appliance be competent to do so.
4 Competence
COMMENTARY ON CLAUSE 4 Competence requires sufficient knowledge, practical skill and experience to carry out the job in hand safely, with due regard to good working practice. The installation should also be left in a safe condition for use. Knowledge should be kept up to date with changes in law, technology and safe working practice. There are three principal aspects to competence for gas fired heaters; these are: a) knowledge of the relevant Building Regulations [5], [6],[7], [8]for domestic premises; b) ability to ensure that electrical work in dwellings is designed, installed, inspected and tested in accordance with BS 7671; c) for “gas work, registration with an appropriate authority. It is a statutory requirement in Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Guernsey (see_ Table 1) that all “gas work” [item c]] be carried out by a business or self-employed person(s) that is a member of a“class of persons” registered with a registration body which has been approved by an approval body (see Table 1) to operate and maintain such a register. At the time of publication, the only body with approval to operate and maintain a register of individuals/businesses who are“members of a class of persons”is the Gas Safe Register, Thus, it is essential that all businesses or self-employed gas engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register. The qualifications which persons need to have to be deemed competent to carry out gas work are given in. Table 2.