BS 10947:2019 pdf download

BS 10947:2019 pdf download

BS 10947:2019 pdf download.Spray injection patching for highways and other paved areas – Specification
6.4 Surface profile
6.4.1 Initial performance一0-24 h after installation
A treated area of up to 1 m2 and confined on all sides to a maximum depth of 60 mm shall be completed such that there is no depression, crowning or undulation in the surface exceeding +10 mm. Construction tolerances at the edges of the repair shall not exceed +6 mm. Treated areas larger than 1 m2 and deeper than 60 mm shall have the same tolerances applied.
NOTE For guidance on measuring surface profile of the treated area refer to the RSTA ADEPT Code of practice for innovative patching systems [2]
6.4.2 In-service performance
The performance of the repaired area up to 1 m2 confined and to a maximum depth of 60 mm shall match that of the existing surface adjacent to the treated area +10 mm. If the surface profile of the repaired area (assessed visually) exceeds the limits above, measurement of the surface profile shall be carried out to confirm whether remedial action to return the surface profile to the as-laid condition is required. Guarantee periods stated in 6.5 shall be applied unless alternative periods are agreed with the overseeing authority.
NOTE For areas treated in excess of 1 m2, additional requirements for retained texture depth might be necessary.
6.5 Durability
Temporary repairs shall satisfy the requirements of 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 for a period of 3 months. .
NOTE In some circumstances it might be appropriate to carry out temporary repairs that are likely to have a very short life, but are necessary on safety grounds (e.g. repairs on heavily traficked sites, subject to water ingress, low temperatures). In these cases, a guarantee period waiver/works continuation authority might be agreed between the spray injection patching (SIP) producer and the overseeing authority.
Permanent repairs shall satisfy the requirements of 6.4.1 and 6.4.2 for a period of 1 year.
The producer shall carry out and record as many TAITs as required to suit specific site and application circumstances. Detailed information shall be recorded as specified in 7.3. NOTE 1 It is recommended that the TAIT is undertaken by operatives complying with National Highway Sector Scheme 13, Appendix C [1] or equivalent to demonstrate competency. The TAIT shall be undertaken within a representative contract, or alternatively carried out in a special section of work that shall be representative of the product. An assessment of the TAIT shall be undertaken on site immediately after treatment and at the end of 3 months or 12 months, depending on the repair classification. The measurements taken shall be recorded and retained including a visual assessment of defects including overall surface profile, any loss of material and binder bleeding (see 7.3). The surface profile shall conform to the requirements in 6.4. NOTE 2 The documented Quality Plan in National Highway Sector Scheme 13 [1] can be used by the producer to design and construct the spray injection patching. . NOTE 3 The producer may alter the design for a product to consider local conditions provided that the TAIT used is still representative under intended use conditions.