AS 5725:2015 pdf – Boarding Standard for Australian schools and residences

AS 5725:2015 pdf – Boarding Standard for Australian schools and residences

AS 5725:2015 pdf – Boarding Standard for Australian schools and residences.
The focus for all boarding services is the boarders, Their well-being is the main priority and the teamework of this Section providcs for their protection, safety, health, care and development.
Different state and territory legislation applies to the subject of child protection.
Requirements relating to child protection for boarders shall include:
(a) A child protection policy and procedures.
(b) Current working with children clearances for all personnel.
(c) Child protection training including reporting obligations, for all personnel.
(d) Regular training and adherence to requirements regarding relationships with boarders for all required personnel.
NOTE: The requirements mentioned in this Clause are determined by the hoarding seriee management and by legislation.
Requirements relating to boarder safety shall include:
(a) Policies and procedures in relation to safety.
(b) Regular review of the record of critical incidents and injuries undertaken by a designated officer and timely documentation and reporting of critical incidents and injuries to hoarding service management.
(c) Risk management, including risk assessment undertaken in relation to on-site and oil-site activities.
NOTE: Guidance on risk management is pros ided in AS/NZS 1St) 3 lOOtI,
(d) The implementation of processes to increase boarders’ understanding and their effective response to the following:
(i) Personal security.
(ii) Serious incidents and resulting trauma.
(iii) Evacuation and lockdowns.
(iv) Emergencies.
(v) Bullying and harassment.
(vi) Grievances and complaints.
Requirements relating to boarder health and well-being shall include:
(a) Policies and procedures in relation to the management of boarder health and wellbeing.
(b) A process to recognh!c and respect the rights and responsibilities of boarders.
(C) Regular review of boarder health needs, which includes but is not limited to:
(i) Boarders’ individual health records andor plans.
(ii) Documented consent from, and notification of, parents regarding the administering of first aid and medical care.
(iii) Management of significant health incidents.
(iv) Records of the administration of medication.
(sr) Records of the administration of first aid.
(d) Ensuring all boarding staff supervising boarders are regularly trained and assessed as competent in performing CPR and applying general first aid in accordance with the 1-ILT Health Training Package.
(e) A trained person accessible at all times who can administer and manage, as a minimum:
(i) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ((‘PR).
(ii) Anaphylaxis and allergic reactions,
(iii) Asthma.
(iv) Diabetes.
(v) Epilepsy.
(vi) Infection control.
(vii) Distribution of medication.
(f) Boarding service management promoting a hoarding service culture of respect and inclusion.
(g) A bullying and harassment policy and procedures.
(h) A policy and procedure for age-appropriate use of electronic and mobile communication devices and cyber activity.