AS 4575:2005 pdf – Gas appliances-Quality of servicing

AS 4575:2005 pdf – Gas appliances-Quality of servicing

AS 4575:2005 pdf – Gas appliances-Quality of servicing.
Where the service person cannot (or is not permitted to) make the appliance/installation safe, the service person shall notify the owner/occupier in writing that the appliance/installation is defective and requires correction. If the owner/occupier is not prepared to allow or arrange corrective action, the service person shall promptly notify the Technical Regulator and/or the gas supplier (depending on the requirements in the State where the appliance/installation is fitted) of the details.
2.6.1 Provision of report
The service person shall provide a report of the service work immediately on completion of the work on the appliance. This report shall sho% what adjustments, replacements and repairs have been made. Where the manufacturers instructions or the data plate gives settings that require checking during servicing, the report shall show the settings have been checked, and are correct on completion. This report shall state that the serviced appliance is, or is not, in a condition to operate satisfactorily, and if not what the owner/occupier must do to ensure safety. The owner/occupier shall be given a copy of the report showing the date and the identification (ID code is sufficient) of the service person.
2.6.2 Retention of report
The original service report for each service job shall he retained as a record and accessible
for audit for a minimum of 7 years (see Clause 2.1 .3) from the date of servicing.
Auditing shall be carried out in accordance with an audit plan and the findings recorded and rev ies ed.
2.7.1 Auditing of service work
Service work shall he internally audited. The service provider. in conjunction with the certifying body shall determine, and agree on, the level of auditing.
2.7.2 Auditing of management system
The certifying body shall audit the management system at least once every 2 years.
Whenever a gas appliance is serviced or repaired the service person is responsible forensuring the appliance is operating to the manufacturer’s specification and the installationof the appliance being serviced is safe and complies with the requirements of AS 5601.
The following key requirements should be verified by the service person as correct beforeleaving the appliance operational:
(a)Assess the worksite for hazards before commencing servicing.
(b)Confirm that the appliance is certified for use in the situation where it is installed and
is suitable for the connected gas supply.
(c)Where required, confirm that the appliance is installed in accordance with AS 5601.
(d) Ensure the test point gas pressure is set to the manufacturer’s specification (refer to the rating plate) and the gas pressure is constant and unaffected (except momentarily)by the operation of other appliances.
(e)Check the secondary flue system on conventionally flued indoor products to ensure
that —
(i) with the main burner(s) operating, there is room air being drawn into the draftdiverter and flue products are not consistently spilling from the draft diverterindicating a blocked or partially blocked flue; and
(ii)there are no signs of combustible material in contact with the surface of single
skin flues.