IEEE Std 1226.3:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1226.3:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std 1226.3:1998 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Software Interface for Resource Management for A Broad- Based Environment for Test (ABBET).
An Implementation of this standard is intended to work with or without an implementation of the TRIM. This standard defines services for the creation and utiliiation of physical objects identified in the TRIM. such as paths. composite resources, and individual resources. Iach of the objects in this standard has an mitialization service with a name parameter. The purpose of the initiali7.ation services in this standard is to link the IEEF. Std 1226.3-1998 level objects with their lower-level equivalent objects. If a TRIM Implementation is not included, then these same objects will be detined in an implementation-dependent manner. In either case, the IEEE Std 1226.3-1998 level objects become linked to the lower-level objects in order to perfonn the services in this standard.
4.4 Relationship to reference documents
0MG CORBA’IIOP Revision 2.1 contains the IDL definition that is used to develop the 113L binding for the services in this standard. IEEE Std 1226-1993 is used as a reference for some of the ATLAS-based scenarios and comments used throughout this standard.
5. Conformance
This clause dctincs the requirenwnts for confonnance with this standartL It defines the following:
a) The minimum functionality required
b) Allowed subscts and extensions
c) The approach for implementing the subsets and extensions
An iniplementution is in conformance with this standard if it provides the minimum required RM functionality described in 5.1. It may also be tailored to one of the allowed subsets and/or extended as specified in 5.2 and 5.3.
Any claim of conformance shall specifically list those functions that are not supported and those extensions that have been made.
5.1 Minimum resource management interface functionality
An implementation shall be in conformance with this standard if it supports one or more of the allowable subsets, as defined in 5.2.
5.2 Subsets
Table I identifies the allowed subsets and groups of allowable subsets, along with the required scrvices for each. All services within a subset must be implemented in order to he compliant.
A subset is defined as an implementation in which not every service is included for commercial or technical reasons.