BS EN 1869:2019 pdf download

BS EN 1869:2019 pdf download

BS EN 1869:2019 pdf download.Fire blankets
1 Scope
This document specifies requirements for fire blankets which are not reusable and that are intended for use by one person.
It specifies requirements for fire blankets usable to control small fires. It also limits the risk of electric shock in case of unintentional use on live electrical equipment.
Fire blankets that are large enough are considered suitable to be used for smothering persons whose clothes are on fire.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 fire blanket
flexible sheet of material intended to be used to extinguish small fires by smothering
3.2 type
fire blanket material combined with a given size
4.6 Fire blankets shall be rectangular or square and no edge shall be less than 1,0 m and no more than 1,8 m.
Only fire blankets of minimum size 1,2 m x 1,8 m are considered suitable for smothering persons whose clothes are on fire.
4.7 The total mass of any fire blanket (without its container) shall not exceed 4,5 kg.
4.8 A fire blanket shall be packed in a protective container.
NOTE Container can be flexible or rigid material.
The container shall be designed, such that it does not damage the fire blanket at any time (during installation, inspection or use].
4.9 The container shall be fitted with a visible means of indicating whether the blanket is inside.
NOTE This requirement is fulfilld where hand holding device(s) is (are) visible outside of the container.
4.10 The edges of the fire blankets shall not fray or tear.
4.11 Protection against microorganism or insect should be taken into consideration, either through material treatment or via suitable container design.
5 General performance
5.1 Except for 5.3, all samples shall be conditioned in accordance with Annex A, A.1, A.2 and A.5 prior to testing.
5.2 Fire blankets shall be capable of being rolled completely around a (50+2) mm diameter bar, and along any axes parallel to adjacent sides, without permanent deformation.
5.3 For this test, 3 samples shall be in their original supply conditions and accordingly shall be preconditioned in accordance with Annex A, A.1 and A.5 prior to testing. The force required to remove the fire blanket from the container fitted with its indicative device shall not exceed 80 N. When stowed or packed in the container in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it shall be possible for a fire blanket to be taken from the stowed position, unfolded and held ready for use in not more than 4s.