BS 95009:2019 pdf download

BS 95009:2019 pdf download

BS 95009:2019 pdf download.Public sector procurement – Generic requirements for organizations providing products and services
1 Scope
This British Standard specifies generic requirements to demonstrate an organization’s: .
a) suitability as an external provider of products and services to the public sector; and
b) ability to work collaboratively to meet the requirements of the contracting authority.
This British Standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of type, size or the nature of its activities and can be used by organizations:
1) contracting out provision of products and services to external providers; and/or
2) acting as external providers throughout the supply chain.
NOTE 1 This British Standard can also be used by organizations involved in non-public sector procurement.
NOTE 2 All of the criteria in this British Standard should be met to claim conformity for any category of contract.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this British Standard.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this British Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 business model
organization’ s approach to operating in its environment
4 Context of the organization
The organization shall demonstrate that it understands its own identity and the context it operates in,including the internal and external issues that can affect its role as a provider.
The organization shall establish, maintain and provide documented evidence of:
a) its purpose;
b) the values and principles that play a role in shaping its culture;
c) its culture, including behaviours, history and ethics; and
d) its business model.
The organization shall identify:
1) relevant interested parties both within the organization and external to the organization (e.g. employees, owners, directors, shareholders, partners, regulators, supply chain, contractors,service or product users);
2) the requirements of those interested parties and their needs and expectations; and
3) how those interested parties can affect the organization’s role as a provider.
5 Organizational governance
5.1 Governance
The organization shall demonstrate effective governance by:
a) providing evidence of how the organization achieves and maintains its purpose and values,taking into account the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties;
b) identifying the risks and opportunities involved in acting as a provider and fulilling its commitments in alignment with its values;
c) establishing and maintaining a process to prevent conflicts of interest and upholding the independence of those directing the organization;
d) directing and controlling the organization in a manner that enables transparent reporting; and
e) notifying the contracting authority and all relevant interested parties of any significant change(s), including changes in ownership and highest-level decision makers.
5.2 Leadership and commitment
Top management shall ensure effective implementation of the requirements in Clause 4 and 5.1.
Top management shall:
a) ensure that all activities and behaviours reflect the organization’s purpose and values in relationships with interested parties;
b) demonstrate effective and coherent leadership at the highest level and throughout the organization.