BS 8606:2019 pdf download

BS 8606:2019 pdf download

BS 8606:2019 pdf download.Adult residential care – Specification
1 Scope
This British Standard specifies requirements for the provision of care for adults requiring support,personal, nursing, and/ or specialist care within a residential setting.
It does not cover care for adults in their own homes.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this British Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 care
coordinated provision of what is required for the health, well-being and dignity of a resident,optimizing opportunities for residents to live fulilling lives in the way they wish
3.2 care provider
organization that provides care
4.3.3 Quality manual
A quality manual shall be in place containing all of the care provider’s policies and procedures, and shall be available to all interested parties. The registered manager shall keep the quality manual up to date. When new or updated procedures are introduced, staff shall be provided with guidance and training, as necessary (see 4.8).
4.4 Management arrangements
Staff with management or leadership responsibilities shall demonstrate a commitment to quality and facilitate continued compliance with the documented policy and procedures, via attendance at meetings and staff communications, which shall be disseminated throughout the organization as necessary. NOTE It is suggested that management meetings with all staff and information cascades are performed at least monthly. Staf with management or leadership responsibilities shall be competent to supervise, delegate and coach others. The scope of roles, professional practice, functions, responsibilities and accountabilities shall be defined and documented. There shall be a current structure that defines lines of accountability and shows how organizational governance is accounted for. Where care is provided on more than one site, the accountability and responsibility for quality and safety shall be delegated to individuals at an appropriate level. . A process shall be in place to review staff numbers, skill mix requirements and the allocation of work to ensure safe and effective delivery of care to meet the needs of residents at all times.
4.5 Records and documentation
There shall be a contemporaneous, comprehensive record of care provided to meet the needs of each resident. There shall be documented records that demonstrate that the care provider has: a) implemented and reviewed an effective quality monitoring system which includes quality indicators, an audit programme, quality improvement initiatives, and a systematic programme to seek the views and experiences of residents, their families, carers and stakeholders; b} recognized, acted upon and actively reviewed complaints and incidents that require investigation, notification to regulatory bodies and remedial or corrective action; c) followed correct procedures in the recruitment, employment, training, development and termination of employment for staff and volunteers; d) followed correct procedures for the procurement and payment of goods and services; e] managed finances and other valuables belonging to residents in a way that protects them from financial abuse; f) followed correct procedures in the management of medicines (see Clause 6).