BS 8415:2018 pdf download

BS 8415:2018 pdf download

BS 8415:2018 pdf download.Memorials within burial grounds and memorial sites — Specification
1 Scope
This British Standard specifies the minimum structural design criteria and performance requirements for new and reinstated monolithic and multi-component memorials in burial grounds and memorial sites in which memorials are: a) fabricated from natural stone and/or concrete; and b) installed above and below the natural ground surface; and c) whose total mass does not exceed 4 t. NOTE 1 Memorials of a mass greater than 4 t are required to be specially designed by architects and structural engineers, and have engineering drawings submitted to the burial authority. It also specifies requirements for checking the condition of existing memorials. This British Standard is intended for use by those concerned with the manufacture, installation and reinstatement of memorials and the checking of existing memorials within burial grounds or memorial sites. It does not set out to constrain artistic endeavour. NOTE 2 Annex A specifies requirements for the checking of existing memorials.
2 Normative references
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3.10.2 concrete shoe foundation
pre-cast concrete foundation, suitable for monolith type monuments, comprising flanges below ground level into which the headstone is cemented
NOTE See Figure D.2 for typical shoe foundation.