ASME PTB-10:2015 pdf free download

ASME PTB-10:2015 pdf free download

ASME PTB-10:2015 pdf free download.Guide for ASME Section Vlll Division 1 Stamp Holders.
This module is only applicable tbr the design examination. It is always associated with another module concerning the manufacturing of the pressure equipment (C2. E. F. or 0). Tasks of (he Manufacturer
(a) The Manufacturer draws up the technical documentation that covers the design. manufacture, and
operation of the pressure equipmenL The documents to be given to the NB tir a design examination
(1) general description of the pressure equipment
(2) list of codes or harmonized standards applied and solution adopted
(3) design drawings. manufacturing drawings. diagram of components
(4) identification marking drawings (identity plate)
(5) list of materials used
(6) results of design calculation made and.or Lest reports
(7) forming procedures
(8) heat treatment procedures
(9) Non-Destructive Testing (NOT) procedures
(10) Qualification of permanent assembly procedures: welding, braze-welding, brazing. expanding. and gluing
(II) Operating instructions.
For calculation design. the results of the design calculation shall be given; for experimental design. the test reports shall be given, and for calculation design completed by experimental design. ihc rcsulis of the calculation shall be supplemented by the test reports.
These documents shall be given to the NB for this module, hut also for EU Type examination – Design
Type (modules B and HI). They shall also be available in complement of the documents for the final
assessment in modules A. A2. Dl. El. and H.
(b) The Manufacturer provides representative example of production (a “type”) to the NB.
(c) The Manufacturer retains documentation and copies of EU type-examination during ten years.
6.4.43 [asks of the Notified Kod
(a) Examines the technical documentation
(b) Verify that the “type” is manufactured in conformity with the technical documemation
(c) Assess materials when they are not in conformity with harmonized standard or European Approval of Materials, and check material certificates
(d) Approve procedures for permanent joining or check they have been previously approved
(e) Verify staff are qualified or approved for permanent joining and non-destructive examination
(f) Issues EU type-examination certiticate with a validity often years
(g) Retain copy of documentation and EU type – examination certificate.