AS/NZS 1390:1997 pdf – Cup head bolts with Iso metric coarse pitch threads

AS/NZS 1390:1997 pdf – Cup head bolts with Iso metric coarse pitch threads

AS/NZS 1390:1997 pdf – Cup head bolts with Iso metric coarse pitch threads.
3.4 Niav—indicates the existence of an option.
3.5 Shall—indicates that a statement is mandatory.
3.6 Should—indicates a recommendation.
3.7 Thread length (b)—the difference between the nominal length of the cup head bolt and the distance between the bearing surface of the head and the nearest face of a $g GO screw ring gauge screwed as far as practicable on to the bolt by hand.
3.8 inhread runout—the distance from the last witness of thread or the top of the extrusion angle to the nearest face of a 8g GO screw ring gauge screwed on to the bolt as far as practicable by hand.
NOTE: This dimension applies before galvanizing in the case of hot-dip galvanized bolts.
4 METHOD OF MANUFACTURE Cup head bolts shall be produced by hot or cold forging with a secondary threading operation.
1 Cold forged cup head bolts may require stress relieving after forming to achieve the mechanical properties and to reduce the possibility of brittle fracture.
2 In cases where bolts are plated subsequent to delivery to the purchaser (or where plating of bolts is otherwise under the control of the purchaser). the producer is not responsible for failure due to plating. In such cases, the bolt manufacturer can only be held responsible if ii is proved that the failure is not due to any post-treatment. Bolts from which the plating has been stripped cannot be considered as samples.
5.1 Heads The heads of cup head square neck and cup head nibbed bolts shall be in accordance with Figures I and 2. Where the bolts are to he hot.dip galvanized, the dimensions given in Figures I and 2 shall apply before galvanizing.
5.2 Length of cup head bolts The preferred lengths of cup head bolts are as given in Table I. The tolerance on length is given in Table 2.
5.3 Ends of cup head bolts The ends of cup head bolts shall be reasonably square to the shank and shall be chamfered with either a 45-degree (nominal) chamfer to a depth slightly greater than the depth of the thread or a radius approximately 1.4 times the diameter of the shank.
When bolts are made with rolled threads, the lead formed at the end of the bolt by the rolling operation shall he regarded as providing the necessary chamfer to the end.
5.4 Screw threads
5.4.1 General The form of thread, and diameters and associated pitches of bolts, shall be the ISO coarse pitch series, in accordance with AS 1275.
Screw threads shall be formed by thread rolling or thread cutting.
5.4.2 Tolerances The screw threads shall be made to the 8g tolerances as specified in AS 1275.
Where bolts are to be hot-dip galvanized, the 8g tolerance class shall apply before galvanizing.
5.5 Thread length The minimum thread lengths for cup head bolts shall be as given in Table 3. Bolts that are too short for minimum thread lengths shall he threaded to the underhead feature.