AS 2441:2005 pdf – Installation of fire hose reels

AS 2441:2005 pdf – Installation of fire hose reels

AS 2441:2005 pdf – Installation of fire hose reels.
(b) The distance from a hose reel to the nominated point shall be taken as the most direct laid-on-ground or floor route.
(c) ‘the location of internal walls, partitions, doorways. storage racking, and any other fixed obstructions, which would restrict normal hose coverage throughout the building or area to be protected. shalt be considered when determining the number and location of lire hose reels.
NOTE: In the case of car parks, the coverage is based on the arc of hose length +4 m.
(d) The coverage shall he in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the BUA.
10.3 Siting of fire hose reels
Fire hose reels shall be sited so that there is no interference with the running out of the hose in its intended direction or directions of use.
10.4 Fire hose reel location signs
10.4.1 Localion signs
The fire hose reel location sign shall have symbol, border and letters in white on a red field. approximating RI 3 signal red of AS 2700 (see Figure 10.1).
I 0.4.2 Sign loculion
A location sign shall be provided above or adjacent to a lire hose reel located in a recess, cavity or an obscure location.
Signs shall be positioned so as to he clearly visible to persons approaching the fire hose reel location.
Signs shall be mounted not less than 2.0 m above floor level, or at a height that makes them most apparent to a person ofaverage height and visual acuity approaching the fire hose reel location.
Where a cabinet or enclosure is used, the open door—
(a) shall not encroach on the required width or path of travel to an exit or doorway; and
(b) shall not obstruct the hose from being run out in any of its intended directions of use. The cabinet or enclosure shall he marked with the words ‘FIRE HOSE REEL’ in letters at least 50 mm high in a colour providing a high contrast with that of the background. The door may also be marked s ith a location sign complying with Figure 10.1.
NOTE: The required width or path of travel may be determined from the BCA.
Where fire hose reels are likely to incur unauthorized interference, the cabinet may be locked. Locked cabinets shall be provided with a frangible panel to provide access to the latching device. The panel shall be not less than 150 x 150 mm. and the panel material shall comply with the requirement for frangibility set out in AS 2362.24.
NOTE: The design of the frangible panel should ensure that a cutting hazard is not created when the panel is broken.